Indian Lake Report


8 days ago (Tue. Feb. 11)
Good to have it freshly groomed after a recent snowfall! It makes for great skiing which makes it fun! Stupid or ignorant hikers still not getting the message to stay off trails when there is snow. Saw snowshoe tracks even in groomed portion. Encountered one hiker who seemed to think that it was only off limits to snowshoers. I didn't argue but I saw him checking the sign before he left. Hopefully now he knows and will respect the rules. Then told a couple in the parking lot that was coming to snowshoe that was not allowed and suggested they go across the street to the park with the decaying old farmhouse. They obeyed and did it! Finally, respectful hikers for our wishes! Get out and enjoy IL if you can before the boneheaded weekend hikers show up and trample all over the fresh groomed trax.
– TG