Near Madison

4 days ago (Fri. Dec. 6)
Nice to be on skis again! Thanks much for making snow folks! The loop is very short (perhaps 0.33k). But as was said yesterday... I'll take it to be able to ski this early. Deck was very hard in the morning with ruts from the previous day and some leaf debris. It will soften up a lot over the warmer weekend. Hopefully the cold coming next week along with some snow (please! oh please!) will enable the crew to work the deck back into better shape.
– B Parks
5 days ago (Thu. Dec. 5)
The Elver Glacier has returned! 1/2K with some turns and small elevation changes. Nice flat surface getting a little soft in places but should firm up with cold nights and regrooming. Some debris here and there. Dec 5th and skiing in Madison, I'll take it! Check Skinnyski for pics.
– Finn